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Join Us!

Operation Literacy is working hard to build programming to lighten the lift of educators as you work to embed the joy of literacy in your school cultures.

To make our programs their very best, we're asking for your help and guidance! We hope you’ll join the OpLit Educator Advisory Board, helping direct the focus of StoryCon and affiliate programs like our contests and publications, book awards, and free virtual author visits so we can best serve you and your students.

Don’t worry! We know you’re busy, so this is a low-commitment role, with no mandatory minimum participation.


We invite you to: 

  • Join and participate in our quarterly advisory board meetings as able, or watch recordings after the fact and respond to poll questions with feedback.

  • Email ideas, thoughts or questions directly to our board chair at any time.

  • Set up personal meetings if desired to talk about ideas or possibilities for collaboration between our programs and yours.

  • Add Operation Literacy Educator Advisory Board to your resume, and use that logo (when finalized) in your email communications, personal websites, etc.

  • Get first access to all Operation Literacy Program Information, with the invitation to spread the word within your wider network.

  • Refer other educators who are passionate about literacy to join our ranks by sending them to this web page.


Thank you for partnering with us! We’re so much stronger together!

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