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Join the new TABC Discord!

Be sure to join our community so you can chat with other teens who love all things TABC.

Parents who have questions about Discord are invited to reach out to We have the following guides in place to ensure the safety of this online community for teens:

  • Everyone who signs onto the server has to agree to keep all content PG, moderators will be paying attention and removing inappropriate content. 

  • The only way to get an invitation to this server is via a TABC staff member.

  • The only adults allowed in the Discord are the moderators and vetted employees of Writer’s Cubed Inc. 

  • We have a channel where we teach the kids settings and safety tips so that they are in control of who is allowed to message them. Discord also has a very useful page outlining the built-in safety settings that you can enable on your account. Discord’s safety settings

Have you graduated from Teen Author Boot Camp but still want to be part of the magic? 


Join TABC Ambassadors: 

A group of young adults who loved TABC as teens and still have a passion for reading, writing, and all things TABC.

  • Ambassadors will meet a few times a year and help Writers Cubed craft the TABC magic.

  • They will also get to participate in the TABC conference as well as other events throughout the year. 

  • Ambassadors also get to participate in the TABC Discord acting as moderators to help build our community. 

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