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Did you know that you can receive licensure points for attending TABC?

TABC has always adhered to a strict TEEN ONLY policy. But due to the high demand of teachers hoping to chaperone their students in conjunction with our TABC SCHOOL PASS program, we've decided to make an exception.


What comes with registration?

In addition to a certificate for nine hours of relicensure points*, all registered teachers will receive lunch, a TABC t-shirt, drawstring backpack, afternoon snack, and a conference program. You'll also have access to the massive book signing at the end of the day.

*Important note: To have your relicensure points counted, you must seek approval with your school administrator. The certificate you receive will provide a spot for their signature.

How much does it cost?

Every school that has purchased a SCHOOL PASS will automatically be able to send one teacher to attend the conference as a chaperone. If more than one teacher wishes to attend as part of the school pass, they will count toward the paid number of passes.


Registration for teachers who would like to attend for themselves (outside a School Pass) is $70.

How do I register?

Registration will open November 1st. Space is very limited. We are only opening 40 slots for teachers to register this year, so reserve your spot today!

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